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Unbundled legal services are also known as “limited scope” legal services. In this scenario, the legal services are “unbundled.” That is to say that the attorney provides less than the “full” legal services as outlined in the “full-scope legal representation”. Document preparation and/or legal coaching are examples of limited-scope/unbundled legal services. In another example of unbundled legal services, the client may represent himself regarding the simple, uncontested matters, such as dividing assets and debts, and hire an attorney to represent him in complex matters, such as custody and support matters. 

Legal consultations


A consultation is a conference between an individual and an attorney with The Carrington Firm, LLC. The purpose of the consultation is to, amongst other things, discuss, analyze, and diagnose the individual's legal situation. The minimum goal of a consultation is to assist the individual with making an informed decision regardig their next step in connection with their legal issue.


Consultations help the individual to determine their legal rights and options in connection with their situation and to assess what follow up is best suited for their particular situation, if any.




15 / 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION - Purpose is for the attorney to get a high-level overview of the individual's situation, and determine if further counseling or coaching is needed.


ONE / TWO HOUR CONSULTATION - Purpose is for the attorney to get a complete understanding of the individual's situation, and to undertake a complete analysis, complete with attorney assistance in determining whether follow-up and/or legal coaching is needed; and/or assistance in determining what the best next step is for the individual to take.


DOCUMENT REVIEW - The Carrington Firm, LLC can assist individuls by reviewing their legal documents and/or documents prepared by third parties. A qualified attorney from The Carrington Firm, LLC will be able to carefully explain the legal terms and legal significance of the documents in order to assist the individual with making an informed decision regarding their legal situation and/or to assist the individual with ascertaining if follow-up, or further counseling and/or coaching is needed.


DOCUMENT PREPARATION - For individuals needing the preparation of legal documents, but cannot afford to hire a "full-service" attorney to represent them, this is the next best option. Using a stable methodology of templated document preparation, The Carrington Firm, LLC works with individuals in connection with preparing legal documents. As a part of this service, The Carrington Firm, LLC can offer the following documents at a flat rate for preparation:






Bill of Sale

Complaint Letters

Debt and Collections



Estate Administration

Identity Theft

Last WIll and Testament

Living Wills / Advanced Directives

Living Trusts

Marital Separation Agreements

Personal Service Agreements

Name Change Forms

Premarital Agreements (Pre-Nuptial)

Power of Attorney







Corporate Governance




Landlord - Tenant

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Independent Contractor Agreement


Put Your Business on the Web

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Domain Name Sales Agreement

Content Licensing Agreement

Web Design Agreement





Court / Legal Coaching: Coaching sessions are available after an initial consultation has been provided by The Carrington Firm, LLC to the individual. Coaching sessions are more intensive than general consultations. Coaching sessions vary depending on the type of legal situation and services needed and/or requested by the individual.


Document Preparation: The Carrington Firm, LLC will assist clients needing assistance with documents and other matters as relates to preparing for court. 

Pro Se Assistance
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