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Domestic Relations
Family Law Group


Domestic relations and any familial related legal issue is not only special but sensitive in nature. But that is exactly why The Carrington Firm provides exceptional legal representation in even the most complex and contentious family law matters.

When litigation is unavoidable, our litigators will never hesitate to go to court to advocate for our clients' best interests. However, we also encourage the use of mediation and arbitration to amicably resolve family law disputes wherever possible.  Our professionals include trained professionals who understand how these alternative methods of dispute resolution work, the immense benefits they can provide, and know how to help both parties achieve common ground.​

The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers

There is life after divorce, and the most responsible divorce attorneys ensure that those who have ended their marriages are favorably positioned for their future. The Family Law Group of The Carrington Firm brings experience, compassion, cutting-edge knowledge, and skills to understanding—and securing—what you will need in the years ahead.


A Firm Focused on Your Long-Term Priorities.

Knowing that divorce affects many aspects of life, we are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes that will help you move forward successfully after divorce. We focus on long-term priorities, such as protecting children’s best interests and our clients' financial resources.


Negotiate or Litigate?  We’re experienced in all processes.

Whether through negotiation or litigation, Carrington family lawyers will work with you to create a strategy that meets your most important objectives. We resolve most cases through negotiation, mediation, or the collaborative divorce process. When settlement is not possible, our experienced divorce attorneys and family law litigators provide vigorous representation and advocacy in courts throughout the Saint Louis, Kansas City (Missouri), and Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile (Alabama) metropolitan areas.


Lawyers, with Skill and Understanding.

Adept at handling complex custody and financial issues, our attorneys have the experience, savvy, creativity and determination to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We serve a diverse group of clients, including high net-worth individuals, high profile clients, dependent spouses, and employees of international organizations. Related areas of our firm’s expertise include trusts and estate planning, domestic violence matters, and representation related to small business.



Child Support
The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers
The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers
Child Support

Raising a child is expensive. That fact is not in question during a divorce, or otherwise. What is in question however is who will pay those expenses?



All parents are obligated to contribute to the financial support of their children. If you are going through a divorce, the quality of your life and your child's life will be strongly influenced by the court's order regarding child support.


Our firm can assist you with child support matters such as:

  • Modifying Child Support

  • Enforcing Child Support


Our firm's background also includes enforcing divorce agreements to protect clients' rights. We strive carefully to understand each clients' unique situation. We've helped clients overcome emotional barriers by clearly communicating not only how we can help them; but most importantly, we try our best to simply explain all processes, becasue we know the sensitivity of every client and their child. We make sure to clearly explain specific factors the court reviews when determining if child support and custody agreements can be modified.


In many states, child support does not necessarily end when a young adult turns 18. Parents may be obligated to pay until their child turns 21. If the child goes on to college or vocational school and satisfies certain requirements, support may be continue. Child custody and support modifications are complicated, and The Carrington Firm is well-prepared to effectively guide your family. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.




The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers

Any point in the engagement to wedding process can be overwhelming; we know it, you know it, everyone knows it...but how does one overcome that fear and ensure that not only is the decision correct, but they are also properly prepared for such a major stage of life?


If you are of a practicing faith, you likely will speak with a member of the clergy; if you have any sizable income, you likely will speak with a tax professional; if you are buying a home together, then you likely will speak with a real estate agent; and in the midst of all the planning and preparation, if you find the time for the essentials, you'll speak with a member of the county clerk's office to register your union.


Well, how do all of these visits tie together to properly protect your union? 


While most couples don’t ask the correct questions, and fail to immediately look into and understand their property rights after marriage; and there is a lot to consider. In most states, property owned by each individual before the marriage and bought individually will remain separate while property purchased together will be considered jointly owned. However, in community property states all new property is considered jointly owned—including income, debts, and any purchases. Only property that was individually owned prior to the marriage or gifted or inherited by a specific spouse remains separate.


Getting married confers a lot of legal benefits to you and your partner, including spousal benefits for Medicare, disability, veteran’s benefits, and Social Security. In addition, your spouse may also benefit from employer provided health insurance and medical or maternity leave.


And finally, its never too soon to examine estate planning options, especially once you decide its time to start a family of your own. 


Contact The Carrington Firm today and find out more about your rights, responsibilities, and authority involved in marriage. 



The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers
The Carrington Firm, family lawyers, Missouri, Alabama, St. Louis, divorce, dissolution, child support, guardianship, top lawyers
Guardianship | Conservatorship

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal protections for people who can no longer take care of themselves, or their own affairs. They can be sought on behalf of people who are allegedly incompetent, addicted or disabled, as well as minors in certain situations. Once a guardianship or conservatorship is granted, a guardian controls and protects that person, or his or her assets.


There are a number of circumstances where a guardianship or conservatorship:


  • when an elderly person has reached the point where there are unable to care for themselves; if this person has not already created a durable power of attorney or made other arrangements as part of an estate plan, a guardianship may be necessary to ensure that the person receives proper care

  • a child who has received an inheritance or compensation for an accident, or other lump sum payment; if the parents are unable to properly manage the money

  • a child with special needs when that child turns 18; prior arrangments can ensure that a guardianship or conservator can still make essential decisions regarding the child's medical care and finances


A guardianship is granted after going through the required court process, and petitioning person can offer certain proof of incompetence.

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