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Examining Crops
Is GRŌ Organic?

Are We Organic?

GRŌ:FARM is not organic...yet. We are a hydroponic farm.

Hydroponic and organic farming methods have many similarities. When most people ask whether food is organic, they are really asking whether synthetics are used in the production process - pesticides or other harmful chemicals. GRŌ never uses any synthetics.

All pest control methods are natural, and the process of hydroponics uses water and nutrients for plant growth, cutting back on soil which means less pests and harmful insects in composition.

What is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics?


The easiest way to answer this question...hydroponics is growing plants without the use of soil. While this goes against everything learned in elementary and middle school science class; traditional soil is replaced with natural growing media, often this is pine bark or coco fibers.

There are many different ways to grow food hydroponically, our FARM uses multiple methods, each optimized for the particular plant we are growing. Hydroponics conserves 10x as much water as traditional in soil methods, and is generally a more sustainable way to farm.

Can We Visit?

Can We Visit the Farm?


Unfortunately, our FARM is not yet open to the public.

We are still developing, but promise that as soon as we are fully operational, we will be available to host school, church, and general education groups. We want to expose as many people to the future of urban farming, and ensure that consumers are more connected to the production methods that go into creating a plate of food.

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