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How do you create a $18 million event with a member of The Beatles on short notice?

If your business had a world renown celebrity attend an event, as one of over 49,000 persons in attendance, would you expect this to result in a deal? Would you even expect to know that the celebrity was in attendance, especially if they kept a low profile and blended well with the rest of the crowd?

Well, if you missed their appearance, and didn't capitalize with the VIP treatment and a potential business deal then you aren't the New York Yankees. In the spring of 2011, the great Sir Paul McCartney attended a baseball game at the newly constructed Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. Yankee staff was on top of the ball in identifying McCartney and organizing a quick meeting between him and top brass.

How does the Carrington LLC fit into this equation?

Well after McCartney left for the day, was when the real work started. Readying a baseball franchise and stadium for a concert series is real work. That's where Carrington came in. The Yankees and McCartney needed not only a project manager, but also an experienced and efficient team of negotiators to ensure that the quality and end-product of the event was to the storied level that both parties came to expect and the audience below would not accept.

Handling negotiations with McCartney's representatives regarding performance fees, and merchandising points, advertising and promotion, etc. was the relative easy part, as McCartney was tentatively on-board. But with a target date for the event being less than three (3) months out, time was certainly of the essence. Sourcing and negotiating lighting, audio, ticketing, staging construction, security, portable seating, as well as negotiating with travel companies that could accomodate moving a four piece band, a grand piano, and all touring persons with relative ease with such short notice proved to be a daunting task.

However, in the end, with a dedicated team, the concert series went off without a hitch. The sixty-eight (68) available luxury suites for the complete concert event sold out in a matter of 30 hours to a multitude of international clients, each spending upwards of fifteen thousand per suite package.

Initially the series was supposed to be only one day, however the execution of promotion was so well planned, and the event sold so well, an additional date was added to the calendar, with contract revisions made as needed with all appropriate vendors.

All in all, with Carrington is how you negotiate and pull off a two (2) night, extravagant concert series worth in excess of $18 million dollars featuring Sir Paul McCartney and Billy Joel in the famed New York Yankee Stadium.

So how do you pull off the event, you call Carrington - that's how.

How can Carrington help your next project?

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