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The Carrington Firm Moves to the "Show Me" State

The Carrington Firm, P.A is proud to announce its recent relocation, and office opening, in the heartland of America. While continuing to operate and collaborate with business and clients nationwide, a new home has been solidified in the City of St. Louis, Missouri.

Why the move from the East Coast to the Midwest you may be asking? As the firm has focused its multilevel practice in the areas of business and commercial transactions, technology, sports, entertainment, employment and domestic relations; its new home of St. Louis will allow this development to continue, and expand even further. After intimately working with one of the oldest and most storied sports franchises on the East Coast, and the world over; the City of St. Louis offers the exact same opportunities through franchises with developed histories in the NHL's Blues, NFL's Rams, and the MLB's Cardinals, not to mention the NFL's Chiefs and MLB's Royals just a short distance away in Kansas City. This surely isn't to suggest that the firm doesn't intend to continue working with its East Coast clients, but according to the firm's managing attorney, Nashad Omar Carrington, "Our firm moving to the Show Me State is a great opportunity for us to expand not only our base and reach, but also to better service the clients we are working with on the West Coast and in the Chicago and Houston markets. With affiliates still located in Florida, New York and Boston, our levels of service will surely not be diminished on the East Coast." As the firm maintains and continues its practice in entertainment and media, the move to a smaller market may seem counterproductive; however, St. Louis has a well developed history of music and entertainment greatness. Not only being the home to hip hop superstar Nelly, but the Walk of Fame located in the Delmar Loop puts this rich history on display with the likes of Chuck Berry, Yogi Berra, Cedric the Entertainer, John Goodman, Betty Grable, amongst many others. The firm's entertainment practice will surely not suffer from a lack of eligible clients with which to serve. According to Carrington, the entertainment group will look to deepen its ties and roots to the burgeoning St. Louis arts scene and attract top area talent through channeled outreach efforts. The firm has already enlisted the likes of a partnership with Sinseetize, LLC to effectuate these efforts; working with the group that promotes artists seeking an opportunity to give back to the community through directed public service efforts. Most recently, the firm was involved with a number of artists/designers, photographers and promoters associated with St. Louis Fashion Week, and they will look to further grow the practice through associations in the coming months and years. Having prior experience working with a major regional television network, as well as a major recording label formerly associated and distributed through Def Jam, The Carrington Firm is uniquely positioned to leverage its East Coast ties and experiences into the art and music scene of the Midwest, bringing with it a strong legal and entertainment focused acumen to take clients and artists to the next level. As a minority-owned law practice, according to Carrington, the firm felt it was desperately important for relocation to occur in a location that had a strong commitment to diversity efforts, as well as these efforts being felt across industry and social bounds. St. Louis is no different. In the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy occurring in the shadows of the St. Louis Arch, the spotlight of opportunity and inequality shown through, and various community development groups were presented the opportunity to expend their efforts to alleviate these issues. The first weekend following the firm's relocation, members were pleased to participate in the Diversity Awareness Partnership's Annual Diversity Dinner at the Hilton next to the Cardinal's Busch Stadium. The Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) is on a mission to increase awareness, facilitate engagement and provide education about diversity and inclusion; and it was the efforts of organizations such as this that further encouraged the relocation efforts of the firm. Having a current ongoing engagement with the United States Small Business Administration, the firm was able to aptly see the need for opportunity development in a locale striving to provide opportunity to not only small businesses, but especially minority owned businesses. The Arch City is surely on that path through numerous grants and programs directed at the development of small businesses. The Carrington Firm has built much of its reputation and business on the back of its ability to encourage development and growth in start-up enterprises and hopes that a proximity to business competing for the likes of The Arch Grant will help further facilitate this stellar reputation in the St Louis community as well. The firm's professionals have extensive legal and compliance experience in the Northeast start-up scene, and as St. Louis is one of the fastest growing areas for technology related start-ups, this experience is and will be immensely valuable to the businesses and dreams of St. Louisians. The firm also intends to lends its enterprising efforts to training a new crop of motivated and informed youth as well. Attorney Carrington said, "One of the big things that makes our firm different is our absolute commitment to effecting positive change in surrounding youth communities. We've previously had endeavors to provide considerable pro bono hours to Court Appointed Special Advocates (C.A.S.A) providing support and representation to abused and neglected children. We've also had teams provide considerable man hours in supporting youth literacy and mentoring programs. We will be having our professionals involved with mentoring programs in the St. Louis community as well; but most importantly, we are bringing a wholly new program to the St. Louis community. This one will provide underserved youth with not only an outlet for their unique experiences and perspectives, but most importantly will train the youth in technology, digital literacy, critical thinking, communication, and cross cultural relationships. I won't go into too much detail yet, but we've had great planning meetings with local community leaders and activists in furtherance of this project, so be on the look out for "Our Lives Through Our Eyes" (O.L.T.O.E)." Finally, as the firm's principal indicated, the relocation provides the opportunity for The Carrington Firm to expand its base and add a new practice area to the firm. According to Carrington, "...our move helps us to grow a new area of practice as well; that being real estate and development advisement. The St. Louis community is ripe for development of both a residential and commercial nature. The number of available properties seen in the metro area is astounding, and we believe this is a great time to get in on the ground level of the development efforts." With an experienced team of professionals dedicated to this effort, the firm plans to leverage and lean upon its prior efforts in commercial construction advisements of over $20 million, as well as land development projects as well. The biggest hurdle of the expansion will be converting commercial experience to that of urban residential, as that is the group's primary focus. According to Attorney Carrington, the firm is excited for the opportunities made possible by this move and believes The Carrington Firm is uniquely placed to positively effect the continued growth of the St. Louis professional and commercial landscape. Contact The Carrington Firm today and discuss how they might assist your specialized needs.

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